Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Type of Website Best for My business? Static Vs Dynamic Website?

In this Article We will explain the major difference between static website and dynamic website. Which one is best suitable for your business and what are the prons and crons of static website Vs dynamic website.
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Lets Starts Static Vs Dynamic Website
There are basically two main types of website - static and dynamic
  1. Static Site – Static website is basically written in plain HTML and just used for display to user. No major changes or regular interaction can be done with Static Website.
  2. Dynamic WebsiteDynamic Website is basically considered to be written using a server side language example – Php, Asp, Ruby on rails etc,
Merits and Demerits of Static Website –
Merits Of Static Website Easy and quick in terms of development. Highly customizable and flexible. You need to hire a developer for changes unless you have knowledge of the coding and language used. Each page can be made of different look , design and functionality. It does take time for manual coding to implement such features.
Cost is generally lowers as compared with dynamic site.
Demerits Of Static Website - Major issue occur in updating of the website. You need to hire a developer to do the task and this will result to increase in cost / budget of the project. Each and everything in static website needs to be done manually whether it is a home page edit , any link addition or adding a document file. It even takes a lot of time if you need to add a ecommerce to the html or you wish to sale any product.
Cost of the project rises as per the demand and development.
Merits and Demerits of Dynamic Website
  1. Easy Design Updates – Since dynamic website are all managed via one database and all the series are linked together so it is easy to manage changes and design edits on the website. You just need to edit at one place and it is automatically done on all. Example – You need to make change on menu or any change on Header or Footer then if done on backend at one place then the same is reflected on all.
  2. Easy Content Update – The best feature is that you need not to enter into coding or learn languages. Easy to edit content is when you have dynamic website. Login to the dashboard or backend and just edit the content as per your requirement.
  3. Readily Available Data – Entire modules and features of the website work using backend and database from the website. Hence, all the entries are properly stored in the database rows and table which is readily available as and when demanded for better user and client experience.
  4. Further Expansion – It is a slight much easy to implement new features or upgrade features into the existing website.
It really depends on what is the demand and exact requirement step by step. Dynamic sites may take longer to initially code and develop than static site. Cost of the project is as per the
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